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What if I don't live in the Bay Area?

Are you interested in the Attract the Love You Want approach to relationships but don't live in the Bay Area? Don't fret!

The Attract Love process and teachings are available to those around the world.

One: You can sign-up for our FREE Lessons of Love e-lesson, which is delivered to your e-mailbox once a month. This is a simple lesson and short exercise developed to help you move closer to experiencing all the love you desire. Whether you are single, in a relationship but not happy or satisfied, or in a loving and satisfying relationship, the topics and tips provided through Lessons of Love speak to the heart and help remind us about what life is all about--experiencing more love.

To sign-up for Lessons of Love e-lessons, simply email me at with "subscribe" in the subject line.

Two: Want some individualized, momentum coaching to help you get where you want to be faster? Contact me today at 510-814-0891 or to set up a time to talk about whether one-on-one coaching is right for you. Individual coaching is done over the phone once a week, once a month or as a one-time stand alone session.

Three: New Attract Love programs, services and products are in development! From new workshops, to e-courses, to teleclasses, more and more opportunities for the Attract Love message to reach people everywhere are coming.

To hear about these opportunities as they become available, email me at with "update" in the subject line.