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My Love Philosophy

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thoughts, we make our world. -- The Buddha

There is a philosophy called The Law of Attraction. The simple idea behind the Law of Attraction is that we get what we think about—our thoughts become things. Whether they know it or not, many people apply The Law of Attraction to their professional lives. They think about their ideal job, they participate in strategic planning, they do goal setting for the next quarter, they envision where their company is going, and dream about how they can be successful in their careers. As a result, these people have successful jobs, careers and businesses.

However, most people spend much less time and energy focusing on all the positive things they want to accomplish and feel in their personal relationships. For some reason, we think that relationships just happen. We often don’t have a vision for what we want, we focus on all that we don’t want, we see ourselves as a victim in the Game of Love, and we figure that we either have to settle or be alone.

I believe that applying the The Law of Attraction to love and relationships is one of the most powerful and positive things that one can do for themselves. By understanding how your old thoughts and beliefs have influenced your past relationships, and how they play a big part in where you are now, you can begin to make shifts that will open the door to more rewarding, inspiring and loving relationships with many people in your life.

When you develop a Love Vision that makes you feel good; focus on all the things you want to feel and experience in your relationships; take responsibility for your part of what didn’t work in your previous relationships; and believe that you deserve to have all that you want in love and life, you will begin to attract the support, experiences, opportunities and people to make your dreams of love and connection come true.

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